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Scholarship Program

Woodworkers' Guild of Georgia Scholarship Program

The Guild’s Scholarship Program will partially fund your participation in woodworking related training of your choosing.

The program provides financial assistance to current members (dues paid) beginning one year after joining the Guild. Eligible members may request multiple awards totaling no more than $300 within a rolling three-year period. Selecting an inexpensive course will probably not exhaust your eligibility.

The award for a single class will not exceed $300 and will not exceed 75% of actual tuition, exclusive of materials, taxes, travel, living, and other expenses. Awards are further limited by budgeted Guild funding. The class start date is used for date related determinations.

Scan and email your completed Scholarship Award Request Form to the Scholarship director Requests are reviewed and acted upon in the order received.

One request per member will be considered at a time. Each request must specify a single future woodworking related class for which registration is open and active. Requests for classes which have already started will not be considered.

Prior to training, the awardee will receive a check payable to the training facility for 60% of the award amount. If the awardee has already paid for the class, and submits a copy of the detailed receipt, the check will be made payable directly to the awardee.

If the awardee is unable to attend the class described on the scholarship request form (due to cancellation, rescheduling, over enrollment, etc.), selection of an alternate training class will be subject to approval of the Scholarship director.

In order to earn the balance of the scholarship award, within three months after completion of the training, submit an overview article for the newsletter. In lieu of a written article, you may choose to provide an overview presentation to the Guild during a regular meeting.

For specifics, review the Course follow-up information suggestions .

The Scholarship program is administered by the Scholarship director and is subject to the approval of the board of directors.


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